ALIVER project featured in the National Digestive Health Campaign

September 28, 2017, London, UK – The ALIVER project today, was featured in the National Digestive Health Campaign launched by Media Planet. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness, provide insightful and informative content and break the stigma around digestive health issues in the UK. The campaign will focus on current research breakthroughs and developments in prevention, diagnosis and treatment solutions. It will also provide insight into future opportunities for innovation within these areas. The campaign will be targeted towards clinical commissioning groups, health care professionals, university students, patients and the general public. Project Coordinator, Dr. Rajiv Jalan was interviewed for the editorial titled: New dialysis technology could cut cirrhosis deaths, where he discussed the project, DIALIVE technology, and the impact liver dialysis could have on the global population.

The editorial is also available in print and will be included as a supplement in The Guardian.

To read the full article available online, visit: MediaPlanet 

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